Friday, April 11, 2014

Amazing Weekend

Seeing how it is already the weekend again, I guess I better blog about last weekend.
Because it was amazing.

Gaga and Papa, yes #rockstars, watched the kids for John Wayne and I so we could have a little weekend getaway.
This is our no kids face!

We started with lunch at Jim 'N Nick's Bar-B-Q.
If you've never gone.

Then while I got a mani/pedi, John Wayne killed time at Bass Pro.
Win win situation.

JC Nail Spa.
For your mani, you sit in a overstuffed leather recliner!

Then we checked into our hotel and got ready for the evening.
The evening that consisted of GEORGE STRAIT!

First we had dinner at our all time favorite, the Rio.

Then, we headed to the Pepsi Center to spend the evening with Lee Ann Womack, Merle Haggard and King George.
What an amazing line-up; some of John Wayne and I's favorites.
I mean you already know that we love us some Merle and Lee Ann Womack, one of the best female voices in country music.
By the end of the concert I was almost in tears {ridiculous, I know} but I mean why does the cowboy have to ride away?

The next morning we slept in.
That was awesome.
Grabbed some lunch and went and saw Divergent.

Best weekend ever!!!


Melodee said...

you two are so cute! how fun! as always, love your cute outfit!

Angie said...

What a great weekend!!!!