Tuesday, September 23, 2014

So, we took a little trip...

And yesterday, John Wayne informed me that I still had not blogged about any of it.
And then I informed him, that I'm a blog slacker now.  Remember.
Anyways...our little trip.
We took these cuties to Disney World!
We stayed at a hotel close to the airport the night before our departure and we still had to leave the hotel at 5AM to catch our flight!
The flight...GW SCREAMED the first five minutes we were on the plane.
John Wayne's looking at me with the, "see, I told you so" look.
I'm trying to stay calm.
Thank goodness, the screaming really did only last for like five minutes and the flight went well.

We arrived in Orlando early afternoon.
If you've never taken a Disney vacation, do it.
They take care of getting your luggage from baggage claim and delivering it to your room for you.
You just jump on a luxury coach and are delivered to your resort's front door.

Upon arriving at our resort, I had taken a few little decorations {including a cute "From Wild Horse to Disney World sign} to decorate our room window for the kids.
{Other people do this at Disney...it's not just me.}

Then it was off to explore Hollywood Studios, home of Disney's Frozen Fun!

Gaga and Papa went with us -- the more the merrier.
And it's always a good thing when you out number the kids : )

T, and let's be honest GW too, really loved the Frozen sing-a-long.
They kinda know the words to all the songs : )

And then leave it to Disney to create a frozen playground, in Florida, in the middle of summer.

 We met some of the kid's other favorites and rode a few rides.

Then the adults took turns watching the kids and riding big kid rides.  Wahoo!!!

We finished up with dinner at the Sci-Fi Drive-In Diner.

We were able to put a good first day in once we arrived!!

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