Thursday, November 6, 2014

This crazy {perfect} little life of ours!

There is never, never, a dull moment with these two little crazies around!
With the busy holiday season quickly approaching, last Saturday I decided that I was going to do some extra cleaning. 
I was back in our master bathroom giving it a good deep cleaning. 
The kids were watching cartoons in the living room.
And then this happened.
And I swear that I had been peeking in on them like every five minutes.
But apparently a frat party broke out.
There was a mattress in the middle of the floor.
There was an assortment of random sugary cereals everywhere.
And T decided to put make-up on.
Lots of make-up on.  {This picture does not do her mad make-up skills justice!}
Mind you, this was the day after Halloween.
And they might have eaten candy for breakfast...

Then I just love this.
The other night, John Wayne and I walked into the door to this.
Future blackmail pictures of our cute little mermaid!

I love our crazy little life! #dangblessed

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