Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas 2014

Welcome to Christmas 2014: Blog {Quick!} Version
Christmas Eve Evening: 
We hosted the Goldings at our house.
We enjoyed a yummy dinner and good time together.
Gunner threw up in the middle of everyone.
Everyone went home. 
Christmas Eve Night:
The kids opened their traditional one present from us: pajamas, books and ornaments.
They picked out their cookies for Santa, a carrot for each reindeer and chocolate milk.
After the kids were fast asleep, Santa came!!!
Christmas Morning:
Santa delivered the littles their requests.
The whole Merida get-up for T and cows, candy and a new horse for Gug.

Gug threw up again.
So this was what our Christmas was going to look out.
Then our wonderful family called, begged {they didn't have to beg hard, as I was so sad that we were going to be spending Christmas at home} and swore they didn't care if Gug got them all sick.

Christmas Lunch:
Fun-filled family lunch and gifts with this group.
And no more puking!

Christmas Dinner:
A great evening at Grandpa and Grandma Chisman's.
And no more puking!

Day after Christmas:
A laid back celebration with Gaga and Papa, opening presents and best of all, having time to play with them!

And then fast forward a week {because I don't feel like doing a separate post} New Year's Eve:
When we were all at home puking!

Minus the puking, our holidays were wonderful this year!

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