Monday, January 12, 2015

What We've Been Up To

So, here we are, the second full week of the new year.
Last Monday I made this list of goals.
I did pretty good.
Towards the end of the week GW got sick and then the goals were kinda forgotten, but we'll try again this week.

I did make an online purchase, like two hours after I made this list last Monday.
The kiddos needed new rubber boots to visit the goat barn with Papa.
So, I considered it necessity and let it slide.

I mentioned that GW was sick.
He had been coughing all week and it progressively got worse instead of better.
So middle of the night on Thursday night when we were up with our barking son, John Wayne and I made the decision it was to the doctor the next day.

So here he is in the waiting room.
He may not have been feeling the best, but he was still sporting his Bronco gear for Bronco Friday.
All of us Bronco fans were not feeling the best after yesterday's game.

And he for sure wasn't too sick to sport the army helmet and play with the dinosaurs while we waited for the doc.
A couple days into his antibiotic and he seems to be doing better.

Saturday evening we went to a wedding reception.
Miss Maddie was there.
The kids were excited to hang out with her.

The kids both had so much fun dancing.
This pic during the father/daughter dance just melts my heart!

Then Sunday morning it was game day prep.
Gaga provided us with these fun blue and orange cake mixes.
It's a good thing we used them this week and didn't save them for the Super Bowl or anything.
Ugh, disappointing.

Here's to a great week my friends!


Nicole said...

Aww...we are feeling your pain with the Broncos yesterday. I just didn't have a good feeling going into it. But our little guy was a true fan and wore his jersey today :) Glad your son is on the upswing to feeling better! Hope you keep to your goals this week :)

Melodee said...

such cute pix! love your goals...need to do that whole writing them down motivating!