Thursday, August 12, 2010

Now what?

Now that our is house is under contract, that's the big question..."now what?" I've probably been asked it 15 times today alone in conversation and email.

I mentioned in my previous post that it took seven and a half months for our house to go under times our patience ran thin, but we just kept telling ourselves that God had the perfect plan in store for us and praying that He would show us that plan sooner rather than later! Well, of course He did not fail us! My folks are just a couple of weeks away from moving into their new house (check out the progress on their blog). So as they move out of their trailer, we will move in. This will be our home for the next year or so.

Justin and I are pretty sure we want to settle in Wild Horse, but this will give us the perfect "trial run" mostly to make sure we can handle the drive. (It's about 55 miles to Limon from Wild Horse. Which a lot of people don't understand why we would choose to make this drive when we could get a house in Limon and be three minutes from both of our offices, but it simply comes down to getting back to the ranch and raising our kids how we were raised.) After our "trial run" if Wild Horse is where we want to die (because I hear the housing market is even worse there then it is here!) we'll build and live happily ever after.

So that's what's next for the Golding's.

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