Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Horses and Girls

There's just something about little girls and their horses, right.

Yesterday on Facebook I posted some super cute pics of the Little Lady on her rocking horse.

Anne, one of my best and definitely my oldest friend (as in we have been friends FOREVER), made the comment that she remembered two girls who have a pic on a rocking horse, too.

Aren't we cute?!?!


I have so many good memories, old and new, with Anne. I hope that the Little Lady has a forever friend just like Annie!


Brenda Hammer said...

Annie looks alot more comfortable on the rocking horse than she does on Zack!

Anne Duncan said...

Okay (I'm not sure if my first comment ever posted). I have never, ever seen that second picture--but I LOVE it!!! I am so glad I have a forever friend like you, and hope Tressie and my girls have the same--it's the best. PS, please just refer to me as a cabbage patch doll from here on out.