Monday, April 11, 2011

Our Saturday

A few random pics from our Saturday.

T was a trooper.
First, she waited while Grandma got a haircut in Ellicott.
Then, she waited while Mama got a haircut downtown.
Yes, a trooper.

Then we had to go get new tires on the car.

The trooper is starting to get a little tired!

How I'd prefer to visit Wal-Mart too.

Grandma and I have broke her in good. She's always a good, good girl for the marathon errand/shopping trips that we drag her on.


Penny Pfeiff said...

Something about her in her little yellow sweater makes me think of Great Grandma Carol:) Of course needing to get out and look at the tires reminds of Great Grandpa Paul;)

She is soooo cute! Glad you are getting her trained right!! I assume she is in conditioning for Christmas time:)

Emily Golding said...

Haha, love it Penny! : )

And yes, Black Friday conditioning is a year-long thing!