Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pink Fingernails, Twins and a "Cow Suckin' Goat"

Sunday afternoon, after we had filled our bellies with Easter ham, my Dad excused himself to go check on a cow that had started calving. Shortly thereafter, John Wayne's cell phone rang. The cow had had twins and Dad wanted John Wayne to saddle a horse and come help him bring the trio in. I jumped at the chance to ride and see a new set of twins!

I could already picture it in my head...
Dad: "What is taking him so long?"
{I pop over the hill}
Dad: "Oh."


John Wayne, always the gentleman. Well, most of the time. Some mornings I struggle to the car with baby, diaper bag, purse and coffee in hand with no assistance, but most of the time he'll open the gate.

Is there anything better than this view?
Not much beats being horseback. I envy my Dad this time of year, he rides through the cows twice daily during calving season. He's always said he doesn't care that it takes longer, he'd rather be horseback than bouncing through the pasture in a pick-up any day.
I couldn't agree more.

Moe is wondering why we are stopping in the middle of the pasture, to take a picture. He's pretty sure that Tony or John Wayne has never asked him to do this before.

I promised you pink fingernails.

These are the type of things that happen when you're me and your horseback with a camera trailing a cow.

OK, more than my pink fingernails, you probably wanted to see the twins!


Remember last week when we introduced you to the Little Lady's pet goat, Oreo. Well, Oreo is also known as the "cow suckin' goat" {my Dad's words, not mine}.

He follows my Dad just like a little puppy dog.

And here he is, the "cow suckin' goat" in action.

Marketing Plug: The milk cow is for sale. {Don't worry, we won't let Oreo starve, we'll find him a bottle or something.}

So there you have it, pink fingernails, twins and a "cow suckin' goat" from the Hammer Ranch.

P.S. That edit totally killed my pink fingernails...diluted them and didn't do them justice! : )

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