Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Wedding Chevy!

Today, Mom and I hosted a bridal shower for my cousin Josh's beautiful bride-to-be Chevaun. Yes, you know me and my Mom, we do love us a good party! Apparently the Little Lady does too, after a 2.5 hour nap, she was ready to par-tay!

It's a party, let's dance!

Some of the party decorations. Chevaun's colors are black, white and them!

The spread, complete with mini cheesecakes, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal sugar cookies, brownies, lemon bars and of course, cupcakes!

Candy for the best shower game ever (I HATE shower games, but I do like this one). You have candy bars and clues that correspond with them, example: Big Hunk - the groom. The first guest to make the correct guess, wins the candy bar.

Chevy opening presents with some "help" from the Little Lady.

Chevy opening the Little Lady and I's gift: we got her a couple of picture frames, a personalized sterling silver necklace with "Josh & Chevaun" and their wedding date stamped on it from Etsy, and some goodies from Victoria's Secret (I think those made her blush a little!).

Chevy with her Mom, two Grandmas and Josh's (and mine!) Grandma.

My Mom, me and T and Chevy.

Leah (Josh's little sis and my cousin) is a bridesmaid and the Little Lady is the flower girl!

The Little Lady and her Great Grandma Hammer.

Enjoying a cupcake!

And the party aftermath! It really wasn't that bad, just all those tissue paper pom poms and their short lived lives : )

We had a great time welcoming Chevy to the family. Good work Josh, we couldn't love your choice more and Chevy, thanks for saying yes! : )

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Anne Duncan said...

so fun--and so adorable....when's the next par-tay?