Monday, July 4, 2011

Miss America

We had a great 4th of July party (yesterday, on the 3rd) at my Mom and Dad's. While I was working on starting to edit some of the pictures, I noticed that the Little Lady changed clothes a lot yesterday! Even though these pictures aren't the best, here's a look at her many outfits.

Ready to head to the party!

Before everyone got there, we were filling up her pool for later...she decided to go for a swim then, clothes and all.

I snapped this pic after we had removed her wet clothes!

Onto outfit number two.

Hanging out with friends and family in the garage.

Now it's "time" to swim!

T in her so cute "Miss America" swimsuit that Sammi and Morgan gave her at one of our showers last spring!

And finally her last wardrobe change. "Grandma's Little Firecracker"...and that she is!

Justin said that T changed outfits more times yesterday than Reba does when she hosts an awards show : )


Brooke Mitchell said...

she is so cute you guys!!!

Penny Pfeiff said...

Oh I love it! I don't think Izzy made it in her Grandma's Little Firecracker. Because she had ideas of other things she needs to wear! She is 2 you know :) I love the pics!

Anne Duncan said...

she's precious! i don't think i've seen her hair as it's turning red--too cute!!