Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One of my Favorite Things...EVER

Christmas cards.

Yes, Christmas cards.

I love sending and receiving Christmas cards! It's probably the thing I look most forward to during the holiday season.

Early in the fall, I start searching Shutterfly, Tiny Prints, Kodak, Etsy and more, for the perfect card. But we all know that the perfect card has fabulous pictures. So yes, that's where all of that planning and stressing over the perfect family picture comes into play. You also score points with a newsy card, but I didn't feel like we had anything too exciting to share this year, so pictures and pictures only, for us this year.

So a couple of weeks ago, I was so excited to see two little orange boxes arrive in my mailbox...they're here!

I used to pride myself in getting my cards out first; like seriously, the Monday after Thanksgiving they were in the mail. But, I'm kinda over that. I think they might get pushed aside if they're the first card to arrive. You have to wait until a few others have arrived and a gathering spot has been established for them. {Look at me and my Christmas card methodolgy :)}

So, they're ready to go, and I'll hang on to them as long as I can, but I'm sure that won't be any past next week!

I take the easy way out and use address labels...I wish I had pretty handwriting and time
(but mostly pretty handwriting) and then I'd hand address them.

The famous little orange box!

You my friends, get a sneak peak of my favorite part of this year's card...
the back!

A little someone took advantage of a distracted Mama
and kept undressing the Christmas tree : )

All ready to go!

Do you send Christmas cards?
Do you love getting them as much as I do?

If you want to make this girl happy, all you have to do is send her a Christmas card!


Anne Duncan said...

i love it--and i ALWAYS look forward to getting your freaking-cute christmas card...here's my question, though...how do YOU display the ones you get?

Emily Golding said...

Okay, so they've always just gotten thrown into a basket, but that's actually on my list of things to change this year. I've seen them hung in the shape of a wreath, cute, but don't really have a good place to do this...so I'm thinking I'm going to do a "clothes line" sort of thing : )

Mark said...

Emily you are so right about timiing the arrival of Christmas cards! My mind works the same way about stuff. Of course you have to remember that the earliest arriving cards get the best placement in our Christmas Card display. : ) I always tape my cards to our closet door..but I was thinking of doing a clothes line idea this year too. Great minds think alike. Christina