Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Branding 2013

We branded our calves over at John Wayne's Dad's place that we lease on Saturday.

The Little Lady is big stuff now {just ask her} and got to go along with the guys to gather.

We just had a small group to do this year, so our crew was small too.
Our niece and nephew got in on the flanking action.

Gaga helped me with the kids and in the kitchen.
What would we do without Gaga?!?

The Little Lady's a big cowgirl...until you get her in the branding pen.
She hated it and wanted out and ran and hid.

The Little Buckaroo on the other hand...loved it.

My Dad draggin' calves on Cutter.

With such a good crew, the day went really smooth.

That's our friend Paul vaccinating.
Paul is 80-some-years-old.
John Wayne and I have both decided that if we're doing half as good as Paul when we're 80,
we'll consider ourselves lucky.

Branding Day - John Wayne's favorite day of the year
{Although he did tell me that your own branding isn't as much fun as just going to everyone elses.  I suppose when it's your own, you have the stress of making sure that everything goes smooth.}

I guess I agree with John Wayne, I like everyone elses branding better too.
I like just showing up with a pie and visiting, better than I do getting up at 4:30AM to get the pot of beans going! : )

Now...if it would just rain, the wind would stop howling and it wouldn't be 107 degrees in the beginning of June.
We're moving to summer pasture this weekend, but like most every other rancher in Colorado and surrounding states, if it doesn't rain soon...



Krulls in Haiti said...

A rancher's life is fascinating to me... thank you so much for sharing the pics! I love that people in America still have jobs such as this, it's like to old west, but modern. This is my husband's dream job!

Sara Herman said...

You even got the elusive pic of my brother! And I agree, if I'm doing half as good as Paul (or Jean or several others!) at 80-whatever, I will be thrilled!

Anne Duncan said...

i LOVE your hat

Jennifer said...

These are great pictures!!!! :) And yes, pray for rain! Looks like ya'll are about as dry, or more so, than us. So tired of dirt!