Monday, June 10, 2013

The Little Buckaroo {{Eight-months-old}}

Eight-months-old...this is seriously hard to believe!

Not much new in the eating or sleeping department.
He still sleeps great and doesn't love solid food.
Unless puffs and graham crackers are "food."
He's coming along though.
I don't think he's suffering any : )

The big news this month is we have the fastest crawler around.
He's got to keep up with that big sister, you know.
And...he's pulling up...and shuffling back and forth along the couch.
He'll pull up, forget that he can't yet stand...or walk...turn around to take off...and fall down.

You can't really see it in any of these pics, but he has one tooth through and I noticed the one next to it breaking though just yesterday.


He's beginning to figure out that he can fight back against his sister, or more like, defend his space when she's smothering him.

We love our happy, smiley Little Buckaroo and can't imagine our lives without him!
Happy 8-months GW!


Rachel said...

Gosh he's a handsome little guy!! Wow, already 8 months old, too! Love it!

Jennifer said...

Such a cutie! Love that red hair!