Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was great!  

The kids and I slept in and then the kids had their farewell breakfast from Cowboy the Elf {I'll post on Cowboy soon}.

I got the pot of green chili started.
When John Wayne and my Dad got in from chores, we had green chili for lunch and watched some John Wayne.
Green chili and The Duke, that means it's Christmas Eve at the Golding's.

That evening, we mixed up our "normal" Christmas schedule and opened presents at Gaga and Papa's.
My mom fixed us a great meal and then we opened presents.
We usually open presents Christmas morning at my Mom and Dad's, but with the kids and Santa at our house, then rushing down to my Mom and Dad's, hurrying to get to my Grandparent's by lunch, it was all too much.  Opening presents with Mom and Dad on Christmas Eve worked great, made for a much more relaxed and enjoyable time!

The Little Lady decided we should wear our fancy clothes.


T's favorite present from Gaga and Papa was her new Rapunzel dress.  
The one they got her last year is literally in rags, because she wears it

GW loves his Mickey Mouse that Gaga and Papa got him.
Mickey sings the "hot dog, hot dog..." song, to which GW repeated "hot dog!"

A little post present opening fun!

After Gaga and Papa's, it was time to head home and get ready for Santa Claus.

Another tradition at our house is the kids get to open one present -- new pajamas, an ornament for their collection, a book and this year a movie, too.

Once they were in their new Christmas jammies, we got Santa and his reindeer's milk, cookies and carrots ready and then read our new book and watched our new movie.  It was a really fun night!

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