Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas {Part 1 & 2}

I'm finally getting around to posting about our Christmas festivities!

The Sunday before Christmas, we had lunch at Justin's Grandma's house in Colorado Springs. The kids were very excited to go to Gigi's and play with their cousins.

The Little Lady was so excited to wear her fancy new Christmas dress, but then we had a major disaster. The shoes that I had bought for her to wear just like six short weeks ago {can you say growth spurt?!?} didn't fit, so in this little diva's eyes, "Christmas was ruined." Luckily this is the one Christmas that we had to go to the city for, so disaster adverted, we detoured to Kohls on the way to Gigi's house for new shoes and Christmas was no longer ruined. Although, her Daddy saw absolutely nothing wrong with these boots with this dress. Which really there wasn't. But, the Little Lady needed pink shoes!

The Little Lady just adores her big cousin Morgan. They got new dollies from Gigi.

Monday {the 23rd}, we hosted Justin's Dad and brother and family at our house for Christmas. I made a big Christmas meal and we all enjoyed the evening together.

Love this pic of big sis literally holding onto little brother.

And of course T and GW both just adore their big cousins who are so good to them.

Lots more Christmas pictures to come!

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