Monday, June 30, 2014

Mama, Let's Chit Chat

Never did I see a little gal so excited to go to the dentist.
And well, quite honestly, I was pretty excited too because it meant that me and T got to have a girl's day.
But I was quickly informed by Miss Tressie that it wasn't a "girl's day" because Gaga wasn't there, it could be Mama and Tressie Day.

So as I was saying, Mama and Tressie Day started at the dentist.
Let's just say that we both became members of the "silver star club" as our dentist calls it.
T had no idea what went down at the dentist.
Oblivious that she got a shot in her mouth or that they drilled on her tooth.
She bit the inside of her cheek when she was numb, that was her biggest issue.

Thankfully the dentist was a quick and pain-free, drama-free stop.
After the dentist, it was on to FUN things!

First stop, the nail salon.
It was the Little Lady's first time for this special treatment.
She of course chose pink and purple for her colors.

And then what girl's day Mama and Tressie Day is complete without Starbucks?!?
She sipped her Frapp and played games on my iPad like a little coffee shop pro.

After some shopping {do you know how much more fun easier shopping is without little brother in tow?!} I gave her some options and let her choose where we went for dinner.
She chose Noodles.
Good choice Little Lady.

I must say, sorry John Wayne, but this was the best dinner date that I have ever been on.
She just wanted to visit and hold hands and tell secrets.
But the moment that takes the cake is when she turned towards me, grabbed both of my hands, looked me in the eyes and said, "Mama, let's chit chat...about our relationship!"

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