Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Weekend Recap

We had another busy weekend.
Highlight of the weekend was for sure meeting our new little cousin Baby Titus.
He's such a little peanut {6 pounds} and so cute!

I warned John Wayne, "This will give me baby fever..."
..."Simply remind me that I will throw up for 9 months."
That should take care of it.

But seriously, look at him!

The littles both loved him.
On the drive home from the hospital {or dentist?!?! as T kept calling it}, T was already asking when we could see Baby Ty again.
And after T got done holding him, GW stuck his arms out like, my turn.

Congratulations Kendra and Matt!!

Saturday while we were in the city, we of course had errands to run.
I am the parent who is so not above bribery.
I told the kids that if they were good, they could get a new movie.
So the Lego Movie it was.

So of course, Saturday night was movie night, complete with Vanilla Float Dr. Pepper.
Mmmmm, yes.
Dr. Pepper is holy water in my book.
And so this, this is like, HOLY water.

And then some Boom Chicka Pop.
All I can say is oh my goodness.
Have you tried this?
If you haven't, don't.
Because you will be addicted.
I usually get the big bags at Sams, but we weren't there this trip, so I just got the normal bags at Target.
Um yeh, the normal bag only lasts me two nights.

Sunday we went to celebrate little Miss Maddie's first birthday.
The theme was "Uno" and her Mama {my bestie} did a great job with the party!

And then we actually had to skip out on Maddie's party a little early to make it back home for a church BBQ that my Mom and Dad were hosting.

The Gug was way into holding his own stick when roasting the hotdogs and marshmallows.

The kids were SO excited that some of their sweet little friends were coming over!
And I was so excited because one of their Dad's brought this amazing strawberry rhubarb ice cream!

So a great kickoff weekend to the summer.
It was busy.
I have laundry and other random things scattered throughout my house {which makes me mental}, but I know I'd be complaining if we were sitting at home with nothing to do : )

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Angie said...

Gosh, what a busy but fun weekend!!! I'm like you, I hate having nothing to do too :)