Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Random Ramblings

On my drive home from the city tonight, deep in thought, I decided that I missed blogging.
Like really blogging, not just holiday blogging.
I mean, I know my like two fans out there have missed me.
So I'm back with my random ramblings.

So I have this habit.
I cannot seem to visit the city without stopping by Sonic on my way out of town.
Like, seriously a habit.

I'm in one of my best friend's weddings in just two and a half weeks.
I'm legitimately nervous about my dress fitting.
Like the legitimately so nervous that you leave it in your closet, rather than get it out and try it on because you're afraid of what you might find.

So, I'm "really watching what I'm eating."
Yeah, about that...

I was able to justify my Sonic stop tonight with two reasons:
1.  I was tired and so for my safety and others, I better get some caffeine before my 100 mile drive.
2.  It was still happy hour, so I could pay for it using only the change in my purse.
Um, done and done.

Love me some cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper.
Well, really Diet Dr. Pepper.
Which I really no longer believe in diet pop.
I now believe the whole "it will kill you before the real stuff does" thing.
EXCEPT, when I have a legitimate fear about a bridesmaids dress fitting.
The diet soda will not kill me in the next two and a half weeks.
The dress not fitting...well, that might.

So enough about my lack of will power and onto a few other random quirks.

I am obsessed with keeping my miles per gallon above 19.
It's become a sick obsession.
Like so much so, that in the 98 degree heat, I turned off the air conditioning to recover my mpgs.
But as I was pulling into the drive, I nailed that 19 mpg.

And my last random rambling for tonight...
When we bought the Yukon, less than a month ago, we got a free trial of XM radio.
It's already gone.
Less than a month...

The Little Lady wants her Radio Disney back!
She keeps asking me if "I've called the guy" to get it back.
Well, you know what, after listening to static the last 30 miles, Mama wants Radio Disney back.
I'm gonna call that guy tomorrow.

It's good to be back friends!
I hope you think so too : )


Stef said...

I do! I do!

Angie said...

Your dedicated to that mpg thing...I'd so be cranking the ac in the hot weather regardless. I don't enjoy sweating LOL

Jen@Almost Gypsy Soul said...

Bladder busters are the best from Sonic! Good to have you back (I'm still reading, just not writing right now).

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back! I love Sonic and Dr. Pepper is my jam.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I love Diet Coke but am slowly weaning myself (back) off it. Ugh. I mean I really really really love it. It's HARD! But I have 13 days under my belt.

You crack me up about your gas mileage!

And hey...talk to your Beachbody coach about the 3-Day Reset. Sounds like it could be perfect to re-direct your desire for better eating...but maybe not in time for the wedding. :(