Monday, June 30, 2014

Mama, Let's Chit Chat

Never did I see a little gal so excited to go to the dentist.
And well, quite honestly, I was pretty excited too because it meant that me and T got to have a girl's day.
But I was quickly informed by Miss Tressie that it wasn't a "girl's day" because Gaga wasn't there, it could be Mama and Tressie Day.

So as I was saying, Mama and Tressie Day started at the dentist.
Let's just say that we both became members of the "silver star club" as our dentist calls it.
T had no idea what went down at the dentist.
Oblivious that she got a shot in her mouth or that they drilled on her tooth.
She bit the inside of her cheek when she was numb, that was her biggest issue.

Thankfully the dentist was a quick and pain-free, drama-free stop.
After the dentist, it was on to FUN things!

First stop, the nail salon.
It was the Little Lady's first time for this special treatment.
She of course chose pink and purple for her colors.

And then what girl's day Mama and Tressie Day is complete without Starbucks?!?
She sipped her Frapp and played games on my iPad like a little coffee shop pro.

After some shopping {do you know how much more fun easier shopping is without little brother in tow?!} I gave her some options and let her choose where we went for dinner.
She chose Noodles.
Good choice Little Lady.

I must say, sorry John Wayne, but this was the best dinner date that I have ever been on.
She just wanted to visit and hold hands and tell secrets.
But the moment that takes the cake is when she turned towards me, grabbed both of my hands, looked me in the eyes and said, "Mama, let's chit chat...about our relationship!"

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Weekend Recap

We had another busy weekend.
Highlight of the weekend was for sure meeting our new little cousin Baby Titus.
He's such a little peanut {6 pounds} and so cute!

I warned John Wayne, "This will give me baby fever..."
..."Simply remind me that I will throw up for 9 months."
That should take care of it.

But seriously, look at him!

The littles both loved him.
On the drive home from the hospital {or dentist?!?! as T kept calling it}, T was already asking when we could see Baby Ty again.
And after T got done holding him, GW stuck his arms out like, my turn.

Congratulations Kendra and Matt!!

Saturday while we were in the city, we of course had errands to run.
I am the parent who is so not above bribery.
I told the kids that if they were good, they could get a new movie.
So the Lego Movie it was.

So of course, Saturday night was movie night, complete with Vanilla Float Dr. Pepper.
Mmmmm, yes.
Dr. Pepper is holy water in my book.
And so this, this is like, HOLY water.

And then some Boom Chicka Pop.
All I can say is oh my goodness.
Have you tried this?
If you haven't, don't.
Because you will be addicted.
I usually get the big bags at Sams, but we weren't there this trip, so I just got the normal bags at Target.
Um yeh, the normal bag only lasts me two nights.

Sunday we went to celebrate little Miss Maddie's first birthday.
The theme was "Uno" and her Mama {my bestie} did a great job with the party!

And then we actually had to skip out on Maddie's party a little early to make it back home for a church BBQ that my Mom and Dad were hosting.

The Gug was way into holding his own stick when roasting the hotdogs and marshmallows.

The kids were SO excited that some of their sweet little friends were coming over!
And I was so excited because one of their Dad's brought this amazing strawberry rhubarb ice cream!

So a great kickoff weekend to the summer.
It was busy.
I have laundry and other random things scattered throughout my house {which makes me mental}, but I know I'd be complaining if we were sitting at home with nothing to do : )

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sticky Situation

I spent the morning volunteering at a local school's summer day camp program.
Today, they were doing a lesson on cattle and animal by-products.
And...we made glue!

It actually went really well.
We didn't really boil hooves for our glue.
Ours involved powdered milk, vinegar, and baking soda.
It was pretty easy. actually worked!

After they made their glue...
They actually used their glue to make By-Product Bingo cards.

I enjoyed telling the kids about all of the things that are made using beef by-products.
"Ewwww, my marshmallows have cows in them?!?!"

And...I only wanted to slap one kid.
So in my book, that equals a very successful day!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Random Ramblings

On my drive home from the city tonight, deep in thought, I decided that I missed blogging.
Like really blogging, not just holiday blogging.
I mean, I know my like two fans out there have missed me.
So I'm back with my random ramblings.

So I have this habit.
I cannot seem to visit the city without stopping by Sonic on my way out of town.
Like, seriously a habit.

I'm in one of my best friend's weddings in just two and a half weeks.
I'm legitimately nervous about my dress fitting.
Like the legitimately so nervous that you leave it in your closet, rather than get it out and try it on because you're afraid of what you might find.

So, I'm "really watching what I'm eating."
Yeah, about that...

I was able to justify my Sonic stop tonight with two reasons:
1.  I was tired and so for my safety and others, I better get some caffeine before my 100 mile drive.
2.  It was still happy hour, so I could pay for it using only the change in my purse.
Um, done and done.

Love me some cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper.
Well, really Diet Dr. Pepper.
Which I really no longer believe in diet pop.
I now believe the whole "it will kill you before the real stuff does" thing.
EXCEPT, when I have a legitimate fear about a bridesmaids dress fitting.
The diet soda will not kill me in the next two and a half weeks.
The dress not fitting...well, that might.

So enough about my lack of will power and onto a few other random quirks.

I am obsessed with keeping my miles per gallon above 19.
It's become a sick obsession.
Like so much so, that in the 98 degree heat, I turned off the air conditioning to recover my mpgs.
But as I was pulling into the drive, I nailed that 19 mpg.

And my last random rambling for tonight...
When we bought the Yukon, less than a month ago, we got a free trial of XM radio.
It's already gone.
Less than a month...

The Little Lady wants her Radio Disney back!
She keeps asking me if "I've called the guy" to get it back.
Well, you know what, after listening to static the last 30 miles, Mama wants Radio Disney back.
I'm gonna call that guy tomorrow.

It's good to be back friends!
I hope you think so too : )

Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day

Well, lookey there...the last time I posted was Mother's Day.
I have lots of stuff to catch you all up on: a trip, branding, our bucket calves...
Someday, right.

Father's Day was a great day.
We spent the day at my Mom and Dad's house with my family, John Wayne's family and good friends.
T was especially into Father's Day this year, going out of her way to do things for her Daddy.
It was cute!

We love our Daddy and are so glad that he is ours!!