Friday, March 6, 2015

Tressie and Mama Day

T and I got to spend the whole day together yesterday.
Because, we both had cavities and had to go back to the dentist...but it gave us a whole day together none the less.
We started the morning with a donut from Liggy's. {cavities, who cares...}
She came to work with me yesterday morning.
I packed a bag of activities to keep her busy.
Including a surprise from Gaga and Papa, a birthday present...a new game for her Leap Pad!
I ended up having an impromptu meeting for about 45 minutes.
T was SO good.
She set under my desk {the guy totally knew she was there and I didn't make her sit under the desk, I offered her a chair, she prefers to play under my desk!} and watched a movie on Netflix.
The only peep we heard out of her was when she was occasionally bust out in a song from the movie.
I'd gently nudge her with my foot...and she'd hit back.

We of course left the office in time to go to Chick-Fil-A for lunch.

She was a complete rock star at the dentist.
She had the doc and all the hygienists ogling over her.
So she ended up having to have what the doc referred to as a "baby root canal."
When you walk out of the dentist after that and say "that was fun!" you get the new Princess Power Barbie.
{Look a her poor little numb face!!!}

We grabbed a few groceries.
Had a pony ride.

I was totally ready to just hit the road, but she begged to go to dinner.
So Noodles it was.

Even if it all did revolve around a trip to the dentist, I had a fun day with my little lady!

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