Friday, March 6, 2015

T's Birthday --- Classroom Treats

Last Friday GW and I took treats to school for T's birthday.
I wanted a fun yummy treat, but one that wouldn't make a mess.
So I made cupcakes {actually Gaga baked and I frosted}, took them out of the wrapper, placed them in a plastic punch cup and included a plastic fork.

They were in music class when we got there, so I set a treat and a unicorn napkin on everyone's desk.
T was very excited to see me and her little brother when they got back to her classroom.

Her sweet teacher, Miss Lowe, gave her a special birthday crown to wear.
As you can imagine, T of course loved this.

Little brother really enjoyed going to school too!!

While I am sad that she's growing up so quickly, it was fun to take treats to school!

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