Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer So Far

Summer is off to a great start!
Here's a peek at what we've been up to the last month or so.

We enjoyed spending Mother's Day with my Mom's family in Colorado Springs.
I LOVE being these two's Mama!

We had a rather bummer last day of school.
This picture is staged.
The preschoolers last day of school was actually cancelled due to muddy roads.

This is actually how she felt about it.

But what a great year of preschool she had!
She is already very much looking forward to kindergarten in the fall!!

I got to meet Baby Wade at the hospital.
But the rest of the gang hadn't met him yet, so we made a trip to Kiowa to visit Baby Wade, Maddie, Aunt Katie and Uncle Will.
Gunner LOVES babies!

The kids got to go to Vacation Bible School in Kit Carson.
They had a lot of fun learning about God and playing with friends!

I am SO proud of this girl.
She was one of only three, out of all the age groups, {and by far the youngest} to memorize all of her Bible verses for the week!!

We branded Daddy's calves last weekend.
GW was into rope tricks and riding his horse, but didn't want anything to actually do with branding calves.
T on the other hand, was eager to get right in the middle of the action this year.

And...Miss Tressie has been playing T-Ball.
"Tressie's my name and T-Ball's my game," she says!
She's so the kid that literally waves and yells, "hi Mom" from the field!

I'd say that our summer is off to a pretty awesome start!!

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Nicole said...

Great start to summer so far!