Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What's it look like?

Here is the front elevation drawing of the house.
Justin and I are both very happy with how the exterior looks.

Truth:  We totally changed house plans at the beginning of this go-round.
We had very nice custom plans drawn, but by the time we cut out most of the exterior rock {due to budget}, I was no longer in love with how it looked.

So, custom plans round two and we love it!
The main thing we like about this design:
It looks like it belongs in the middle of the prairie on a ranch, not on a suburban 40 acre tract.


Last week we met with the builder and made exterior selections.
Below you'll see our selections for stucco color, shingles, front door and then one of those colors {or something like them} for the metal roof over the front porch.

Making the decision to redesign our house was a big decision, but a good decision.
We really liked our first set of plans, it was a beautiful house, but when we really stopped and considered our needs, taste and budget, it just didn't work.
Not only did we make some design changes {mostly exterior}, we also cut down on square footage a little to allow room in the budget to keep the interior finishes we were hoping for.
Our builders were awesome {and very patient} to work through the process with us.
Once we made the difficult decision to redesign the house, we were totally at peace, excited and so ready to get started on building our forever home!

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Lauren said...

Congrats! It looks like it will be awesome!! Cant wait to follow along!