Monday, June 22, 2015

We really like this guy...

This guy, yeh, we think he's pretty awesome!
We had a fun day in the big city yesterday celebrating him.

Since it was Father's Day, we even let him chose where to eat!
{And it was Sunday, so Chik-Fil-A was closed...the kids didn't stand a chance!!}
Famous Dave's it was.
 {Do note, Gunner made a wardrobe change after lunch....BBQ is messy!!!}

Then it was onto La-Z-Boy to get this boss his Father's Day present.
A new recliner for the new house.  {New house, yes...that's a whole other series of blogs I need to get on!}
I of course, had a very stylish {and certainly not as comfortable chair} already picked out online, but, I mean, a man and his chair, you've gotta let him get what he wants, right.

I totally approve of his selection.
It was probably the sleekest, comfy recliner they had.

Then we went and saw Inside Out in 3D.
Super cute.
3D movies with kids is fun : )

And last stop of the day was of course...Dairy Queen!

Then we headed home and had cake with the Papas.
A great day celebrating great men!!

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Nicole said...

Looks like a great day! Any day ending with DQ is my favorite! I have a slight summer addiction!