Monday, August 3, 2015

County Fair Round One

Last week was county fair round one around our place.
See, we live in Cheyenne County and my folks sell quite a few goats to 4-H'ers over there, so we're involved in that fair.
And then, Justin showed all his 4-H years in Lincoln County and we work in Lincoln County, we we're involved in that fair, too.
So for now, that means two county fairs for the Golding's.

Anyways, last week was Cheyenne County Fair.
T and GW showed Charlotte and Star in the Bucket Calf Show.
They both did great with their calves.
T totally rocking it and GW with minimal help and no crying this year!
And they both did a good job of answering their questions, speaking into the microphone.
We were super proud of them, and their calves!

Gunner after the show with his celebratory Dr. Pepper.
This kid loves his Dr. Pepper.

After the hard work was over, it was time for face-painting, carnival games, rides and snow cones!

Saturday morning was the fair parade.
The boys all rode with Grandpa Hammer in his buggy.
T rode on the 'Princess for a Day' float with all of her little princess friends.

We had a great time at the Cheyenne County Fair.
Now we're trying to catch our breathe and get ready for Lincoln County Fair on Wednesday.

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Sarah Dusenberry said...

Fair time is one of my absolute favorite times of year! We have our local fair in August and The State Fair of Texas is in September. It's a grand time except for the temperature! It looks like the kiddos had a blast and are on their way to being excellent little showmen!