Sunday, February 14, 2010

Boots and Bows

Aunt Katie's "Boots and Bows" shower was great!

Katie (with the help of her sister Sarah) paid perfect attention to every little detail. Check out the spread...and those cupcakes, aren't they adorable!

The whole house was decorated with fresh flower bouquets in boots complete with turquoise bows!

Baby Tressie once again made out like a bandit! Here's her "Fancy Nancy" book from the Maranville''s one of the cutest little girl's books I've ever seen! Not only did Tressie receive many great clothes and things for her nursery, but each of the girls brought her a hair bow to start her collection!

It was a great party with my closest girlfriends: Katie W, Katie C, Sara, Jenn, Jocelyn, me and Staci.

And finally here's a shot of the two pregnant girls...Jocelyn's due a month after me on April 13th. It's so much fun to be going through this whole experience with one of my best friends!

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