Friday, February 5, 2010

I work with an amazing group!

Today was a great day at work! My office threw me a surprise shower! It was masked as a Friday pizza party, but when I walked into the room, there were baby shower decorations everywhere, complete with pink table cloths and an "It's a Girl" banner!

After pizza, we enjoyed the great cake that Judy was almost too cute to cut was a baby crib...have you ever seen such a cute cake!!!

I felt overwhelmed by the generosity that everyone showed me and Baby Tressie! We got so many great things: swaddle me wraps, sleepers, blankets, books, stuffed animals...and some VERY generous gift cards to Babies R Us! I think one of the best gifts was from Kim...diapers...great...we all know that we'll need a never ending supply of those, right?!? But the best part was when after I opened the diapers, Kim handed me a box of face masks and said she thought we might need those too!!! With Justin and I's history of gag reflex, we just might!!!

Everyone helped me pile the gifts into my car...on the way home I kept hearing a neighing sound coming from my back seat...yep it was "Trotter" the pony! He's awful cute...check back in a year and we'll see if we still think he's so cute!

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