Tuesday, May 24, 2011

License plates from hell

So yesterday, John Wayne and the Little Lady headed to Cheyenne Wells to register our “new” stock trailer. Yes folks, a 1993 beauty it is!

Before leaving the ranch to head to CW, John Wayne decides he better pull down by the trailers to write the VIN number down just in case. Well, before he knows it, the suburban is rolling down the hill towards one of the other trailers!

He’s telling me this (his first mistake, he’s telling me this) and I’m thinking:
“Really, you left T in the suburban…unbuckled…alone…really?!?!”
Of course he didn’t, he just left the suburban in gear, no big deal.
Luckily he had left the door open and was able to jump in and stop it.
Disaster adverted.

John Wayne and the Little Lady arrive safely at the courthouse. Upon being greeted at the DMV, one of the ladies asks Tressie where her other shoe is?
Things like that happen when you’re with Dad.

John Wayne then goes on to describe to me how difficult it is to try and do business with the Little Lady in tow (his second mistake, he’s telling me this) and I’m thinking:
“Really, you think I don’t know how difficult it is to do business with the Little Lady in tow…really?!?!”
One of the gals behind the counter that goes to our church rescued John Wayne and came and held onto the Little Lady so he could get his paper work filled out.

License plates in hand, John Wayne and the Little Lady head home, but not before first spilling cheerios all over the suburban.
The Little Lady sleeps from Carson home. This 20 minutes is the only nap she took ALL day. She didn’t want to miss a minute of her quality time with Daddy!

When I get home from work and wake John Wayne up and stop the Little Lady from drawing all over his face with magic marker (just kidding!), John Wayne shows me the license plates.

And I’m thinking:
“Really, you couldn’t get them to give you any other number…really?!?!”

So there you have it, our license plates from hell. I’m hoping this has no indication about the future of our trailer.
But we are going to have it painted soon… maybe we should consider some horns?

*Disclaimer…While I might have poked fun at John Wayne, he really is a rock star Daddy… and he did admit to me that Grandma and I deserve a medal! : )

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Anne Duncan said...

laughing the whole time...things like that happen with daddy...(or annie) :)