Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Brushing the Little Lady's Teeth

Yes, the Little Lady has had teeth for months now.
Yes, when we visited Dr. Hoover three months ago he told us we needed to start brushing them.
Yes, we bought the tooth brush and tooth paste that day.
Yes, since we go visit Dr. Hoover this Friday, we brushed her teeth for the first time tonight.

Hmmmm...what is this stuff?!?!

Mama...that looks a little scary...

A little weird, but not so bad.

Now this is more like it, I can do it myself!

The Little Lady actually kind of liked the whole brushing her teeth experience...like most things she enjoys, she cried when it was over!


Anne Duncan said...

so, what you're saying, is she's already got the "floss only the week of your next dentist appointment" thing down?

smart girl.

Emily Golding said...

You got it! As long as you can tell the doctor, yes : )

wallacefamilyblog said...

Im glad to know that we were not the only ones that waited after the child had teeth:)