Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stroller Stress

Yesterday I had to go to the big city for a couple of appointments. I had just enough time between my two appointments to make a quick stop at Babies R Us to check out some strollers. We are going to Disney World in September and much to John Wayne's dismay, neither of the strollers we already have, are right for the job. I had a coupon that expired today, so I was on a mission.

I have been doing a lot of research on strollers.

I was feeling pretty confident that the Chicco Liteway was the stroller for us.

It met all of my major requirements:
-reclining seat
-compact fold
...and it is a Chicco...we LOVE our bigger Chicco stroller, so that gave it a slight advantage. I felt like I knew what I’d be getting.

But then, I see this stroller, the Aprica Presto, sitting there on the shelf with a big SALE sign on it. I had eyed this particular stroller in my research, but $200 was more than I, or really John Wayne, was willing to spend on a stroller. So I said to myself, “yes, that one is nice,” but then quickly threw it into the category of "the one I'll buy if I can get more money squeezed out of John Wayne" and moved my focus back to the Chicco.


Here they sit on the shelf at Babies R Us – the Chicco and the Aprica – too close in price to one and other to make cost a factor. You would think I was thrilled, the more expensive Aprica that I had deemed out of reach, was now sitting right in front of me, ready to conquer Disney World. Instead, I suddenly feel loyal to the Chicco and the cynic in me begins to question why the price has been so drastically reduced on the Aprica. There’s only one option, I must try them both out.

I grab the Aprica off the shelf and steer it around the aisles of BRU for awhile, ok, drives good, fine, whatever. One of things that I’m most concerned about is folding this sucker up. I can’t figure it out…nope, not even with the manual that I find stashed in the stroller’s basket. I flag down the nearest person I see wearing the purple polo. She says it’s brand new on their shelves, but she’s pretty sure she knows how. So after my lesson in stroller folding, she is on her way.

I head over to the Chicco. Same thing, a few laps around the stroller department, ok, drives good, fine, whatever. I go to fold it up. Nope, not even with the manual that I find stashed in the stroller’s basket. I go find my friend in the purple polo, who by now I’m sure is thinking, “Really, this lady’s going to take a kid to Disney World…she can’t even fold up a stroller.”

Now that I know how to fold them both up, I still cannot make a decision.
I call my Mom and tell her to Google both of them and give me her opinion. Nope, no help. “They both look nice and have pretty good reviews.”

So I proceed to drive around, fold and unfold each stroller seven times. By this time, I’m sweating; drenched really, mind you I’m in dress clothes and high heels.
But I am beginning to master each stroller like a NASCAR pit crew.

Forty-five minutes later, I’m pretty sure the purple polo crew is having a good laugh back in their break room watching me on their security camera, and am still no closer to a decision than when I first saw the SALE sign. I’m now going to be late to my next appointment; it’s crunch time, a decision must be made, now. So I throw the Aprica over my shoulder and head to the check-out. My decision is finally reached by the fact that the SALE might not last forever. After asking the cashier four times if she is sure that I can return the stroller for a full refund if I change my mind, I purchase the Aprica.

I need your help though, if any of you out there have experience, good, bad or otherwise, with either of these strollers, please comment and let me know. If you don’t have personal experience, but just want to give me your opinion (besides telling me that I am insane, it’s just a stroller) on which one you’d choose, I’d love to hear that too. Please I need your help.

Too bad the Little Lady wasn’t with me…she never seems to have a problem expressing her opinion!


Anne Duncan said...

O. M. G. I'm dying. And it will one day be me. Most important question: color?

Brenda Hammer said...

You ARE insane!!! And I can say that because I am your Mother!!

Emily Golding said...

Annie, that was another dilemma in and of itself...what color?!? (My Mom was no help on this one either!) They had the brown and the green one in stock. After MUCH deliberation I came home with the green one (which on the box didn't look nearly as obnoxious as it does in this picture?!?!...they only had the brown one out on display) and of course now, I think I'm wishing I would have gotten the brown one!

Jean Rasner Meinzer said...

Well, Em, everything's changed since over 21 years ago. But speaking from the dark ages, I can tell you that either one will work. She'll sleep in either. But probably the best, although it won't fly well and doesn't fold, is a Red Flyer wagon, especially if you're going to the fair or to the flea market. You can stash all your purchases (aka treasures) in the wagon with Tressie and everybody's happy.

Emily Golding said...

Yep Jean, that would for sure be our best option...T LOVES her red wagon!

Angie said...

Mom and I thouroughly enjoyed reading this. Mostly because we can picture you doing this!

Jammie said...

This has got to be the most hilarious, but cutest story I have ever heard. I totally get the stroller dilemma b/c when we were shopping I had to find the one that matched my car seat. We were lucky to get the car seat for free, but then had to find the stroller to match. Anyway glad you picked one and any choice works, especially since you picked it out. :) Tressie will like whatever mommy puts her in. Miss you all.

Robben said...

Emily- We have the Chicco we took it to Hawaii and just recently to Disneyland in January. Both times we used it on the beach and it did GREAT. The reason we picked it is because my 6'5" husband can actually push it without bending too far over. It isn't anything like the B.O.B. but better then the $19 umbrella strollers. So a few things as I am a Disney Dork. First is you know they have strollers for rent at every Disney park right? I know that would help if you wanted to go shopping in Downtown Disney but the little lady may like to walk around for that. My other suggestion is take the full sized. You will be spending a lot of time at the parks and can use it for naps. PLUS, you will have plenty of room for your "treasures" and princess paraphernalia.

Of course you could just take the stroller and do package pickup once you leave the park. Or have it delivered to your hotel room if you are staying on property.


Emily Golding said...

Robben - Thanks for the good info. We considered taking the full-size stroller, but have been to DW several times and don't think we want to deal with the full-size on the buses (we're staying on-site). Have you ever done the full-size stroller on the buses?

Robben said...

I've done full sized on buses in London and that was a hassle. But Disney is WAY better about that sort of thing. If you do the umbrella stroller definitely make sure you take advantage of package delivery or pick up! That will save your arms and stroller! :)

Life With the Crazies said...

We have the Chicco and really like it... but seriously, you're right, it is just a stroller, and both are probably good, so save yourself the hassle of going back, returning, and re-purchasing... don't over think it ;)

I so wish we were going to Disney! What a fun trip to look forward to!