Sunday, June 12, 2011

My two favorite guys

We branded yesterday. I have tons of pictures, so as I edit them throughout the week, I'll share some more of them. Even though this post would probably be better saved for next Sunday, Father's Day, they are some of my favorite pics, so I'm sharing them today.

My two favorite guys: my husband and my Dad.

They're both pretty quiet guys...more of the let's get the job done, rather than stand around and talk about it, school of thought.

Like I said they're quiet guys, and they definitely don't wear their hearts on their sleeves, so while they've never really came out and said it, I think they like each other ok : )

Kind of "the mentor" and "son I never had" relationship.

Or maybe they just like having each other around because they can gather, sort and work a whole pen of calves with out saying a word. If they opted for the alternative help (that'd be me and my Mom), there would be lots of directions to the obvious, yelling and unnecessary chatter.

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Anne Duncan said...

awesome. that's it. awesome.