Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Goals Update

Here we are again, the end of another month and time for another goals update…seriously, where did June go?!? So last month I promised you there wouldn’t be a June Goals Update if there wasn’t much improvement on my part…well, I spent the first three weeks of June fighting a nasty tooth/jaw ache. It seriously put me out of commission all of last week, home from work, cancelled a trip to Steamboat, it was bad! So that did affect a few of my goal areas, but after several dentist appointments, a trip to the urgent care, visits to a new chiropractor and lots of prayers, I am feeling so much better, so I’ve been back at it full-throttle this week.

Drink more water.
I don’t know what my thing is with bottled water, but when we have it, I drink it. I bought a case awhile back and my H20 intake has majorly gone up. I think it’s partly a convenience thing…if cans of Diet Coke are all that’s in the fridge and cold, I grab them, if the Little Lady’s juice packs are the only thing in the fridge, that’ll do. So, I just need to keep the fridge stocked with water and I’m good to go. I guess I should fill up all of the million water bottles we have in the cupboard and stock the fridge with those, but I don’t know if that’ll work, I just have a thing for bottled water?.?.?

Stick to a budget.
OK, I’m getting back on track here. Confession, I borrowed from my house fund to pay for our trip to Disney World. I’ll have it paid for this month and then next month it’s back to paying the mortgage. While the super-saver I am trying to become told me we should forgo vacation, I’m so glad I didn’t listen…I am so excited for our trip!

Read atleast one book each month.
I finished The Pioneer Woman’s Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. If you enjoy her blog and following her funny stories, you’ll enjoy this. If you find her blog writings ridiculous and annoying, you won’t like this. I enjoyed this.

I’m now about a quarter of the way into Water for Elephants. I want to see the movie, but I wanted to read the book first. Have any of you read and/or seen Water for Elephants?

Keep my pictures organized.
I am very pleased with the photo books I made for the Little Lady’s first Christmas and first birthday party. Now, I’m working on a “newborn” book for her. This is the answer for me not having the desire or time to scrapbook right now.

I’m also still plugging away at getting all of my pictures organized and into one place…what a process!

Start sewing again.
One word: no.

So excuses, excuses, but the first three weeks of June, I couldn’t watch TV without my tooth throbbing, so…you guessed it, no exercise. But now that I’m feeling better, I’m back at it. Still doing Jillian’s 30 Day Shred…but hmmm, I am yet to shred for a consistent 30 days…a July goal perhaps? And I’ve also done the 6 week Six-Pack several times…I’m still a long ways and a lot of hard work from a six-pack, but I’d be good with flat, I don’t need chiseled.

The “d” word.
Dieting…ugh, I am not a good dieter. That’s why I’m done dieting, atleast for July. I will go back to my trying to make wise choices and watching what I eat. I “dieted” for two months and lost 8 pounds…unimpressive, really unimpressive. It was such a yo-yo pattern with me…I would be good and lose weight during the week and then blow it and gain it all back on the weekend. Ridiculous, but I’m obviously just not into getting tough with myself and finding some will power. When shopping the other day, I told my Mom that I’d given up on being thin, I’m just going to have fabulous hair and fabulous accessories…I really think I’m good with this. Can you say Paula Deen?!?

Yes, I just said that I want to be Paula Deen! Seriously, her hair, make-up and clothes always look fabulous, she's always smiling and laughing, and she cooks with real butter, lots of real butter.

Here’s to a happy, successful July! Oh and this 4th, I’ll be enjoying all of the S’mores and hot dogs I want, because that day, that day I’m not even going to “make wise choices!”


Lori Hollis said...

I saw the movie Water for Elephants and absolutley loved it! I was a little mad at myself for not reading the book first. Let me know how you like it! For some reason I have in my head that it's a hard book to get through?

Anne Duncan said...'re ALWAYS fabulous. just get rid of the "d" goal...