Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Home Sweet Home

After a very long, stressful 62 hours, through the power of prayer and by the grace of God, Lucy and Lacy are HOME!

My Mom called me shortly after I arrived at work this morning..."I have some partially good news, Lacy is home."

While I was thrilled that Lacy was home, it was bitter sweet, I was then instantly more worried about Lucy. There was only one logical explanation for this is my {stressed out} head: Lucy was dead.

Well, thankfully I was wrong, and about two hours later, I got the phone call from my Mom that I was hoping for..."Lucy has been found!" Our friend at a neighboring ranch said they were shipping cattle when Lucy wandered in.

Lucy was found about 7 miles away, only two hours after Lacy came home. John Wayne and I have determined it played out something like this:

Setting: the middle of the pasture, two tired dogs, after being gone for two days.

Lacy {the good dog}: "Screw you Lucy, I'm going home. I've had enough of this being free crap, I want to go home to my warm bed. And food. And Mom and Dad and Tressie. And food."

Lucy {the rebel dog}: "Fine Lacy, you big baby, do whatever you want, but I love being free."

Lacy: "Fine."

Lucy: "Fine."

And off they went their separate ways.

Several hours later, after being reunited.

Lucy: "Lacy you schmuck, you had to run home and I got a pick-up ride."

We are just SO thrilled to have all of our happy little family together again. Thank you so much to each of you who prayed for us and our pooches. Like one friend reminded me on Facebook, "God cares about our pets too!"


Melodee said...

oh how stressful! thank goodness they are both home:))

Michele said...

I'm so glad they are home!!!