Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I saw this idea on my blog friend Mer's blog, Life at 7000 Feet, and loved it so much, I asked her if I could borrow it!


Current Book: I just started Mockingjay, book number three in The Hunger Games series. If I don't get it finished before, I'm sure I'll finish it this weekend. These books are incredibly captivating!

Current Playlist: I have not been on a music kick lately...weird, because I usually have it playing most of the day in my office, but not lately???

Current Color: Turquoise. Current color...forever color...

Current Drink: My current coffee of choice is Starbuck's new Blonde roast, so I start my day with that, but then TRY to just stick to water for the rest of the day.

Current Food: Boring...a Special K bar for breakfast and a sandwich, Baked Lays and apple for lunch. Dinner is usually a treat though, because more often than not, my sweet Mom invites us to stay for dinner when we pick the Little Lady up. {Yes, I realize how incredibly spoiled I am.}

Current Favorite Favorite: Hands down, The Hunger Games trilogy.

Current Wishlist: A custom made cowhide purse with our brand on it. I have the money saved up and everything, I just need to find the right person to make it.

Current Needs: A miracle lotion to cure my INCREDIBLY dry/itchy/red/rashy {I'm sorry, was that too much?} skin.

Current Triumph: I worked out five days a week for the whole month of January. Whoop whoop!

Current Annoyances: The 5 million or so unorganized pictures on my computer and the fact that I am yet to get them organized.

Current Indulgence: An amazing homemade cinnamon roll. My bestie and I hold each other to no sugar during the week. That was at the forefront of my mind as I was choosing to eat it and I immediately emailed her and confessed, but it was so worth it :)

Current Mood: Very happy and content with life.

Current Blessing: My job, I really kinda like it :)

Current Outfit: With all of the trade shows I've been attending for work, I feel like all I've been wearing is polos and oxfords with the Farm Credit logo on them. Hot, I know :)

Current Excitement: The Little Lady's 2nd birthday is just a month away. I'm in full party planning mode!

Current Link: Pinterest. For all of you pinners out there, enough said.

There you have it, my life currently. I'd love to hear what's going on in your life currently!


Melodee said...

awe can't wait to get to the last book, just started the first one!!!

Lori Hollis said...

Finally! I think it was my Bloglovin application. Anyways, I LOVE this idea and am stealing it!

Ellen said...

Great idea, Emily! I might borrow it too.