Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

I love Sunday afternoons. After church and lunch with the family at the local restaurant, Sunday afternoons are usually pretty chill around here. Sometimes it's a nap, it's always football when the Broncos are on, today, we went for a ride.

John Wayne getting the horses in from the pasture.

Someone has outgrown her cowboy boots, so sparkly Uggs it was.
Guess we know one thing she'll be getting for her birthday!

As evident in the picture above, a little someone wanted to be totally in control with no help. Poor Moe, the Little Lady gives confusing directions.

The Little Lady has gone for quite a few rides and liked it, but today was the first time that we had an all out hissy on our hands when it was time to get off.

Minus the hissy, it was a perfect Sunday afternoon. Have a great week all!


Michele said...

I think I've told you this (or I told my best friend) you two remind me so much of each other. I told her she needs to check out your blog and follow you on pinterest. Love the photo of Little Lady in her sparkly uggs!

Anonymous said...

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