Friday, January 6, 2012

Life in Phone Pictures

Hello friends! I hope you had a good first week of the new year.

You might remember that last Friday was John Wayne's birthday. To celebrate we made a trip to the big big city {Denver} for lunch at Elway's {yes, as in Colorado's hero, John Elway}. After lunch, we did what any man would want to do on his birthday, walked around Bass Pro.

See that dessert?
It's a homemade Ding Dong.

New Years Eve day, we had our final family Christmas with my Mom's extended family. I got a cake for the party. I LOVE LOVE cake with buttercream frosting, so I never pass up a reason to buy a cake!

We played the white elephant gift exchange game.
We took our kid as our gift. Just kidding! The Little Lady had a blast playing in this bag and it was one strong bag, John Wayne could pick her up off the floor in it.

John Wayne got an awesome remote controlled helicopter in the game. Fun!

Our New Years Eve night was totally chill. Just the three of us at the trailerhood, a little Wii, some movies...very nice evening. {And I'll have you know that John Wayne and I made it until midnight...2AM in fact, watching movies.}

Sunday, we skipped church and I tackled the house that looked like Christmas threw up in it. Seriously, there were still remains of Christmas everywhere. I also got the wild hair to clean my closet out too. I had four big trash bags full of clothes, belts and shoes for Goodwill.

That night we ate our black eyed peas. This was actually the first time I had ever had black eyed peas, but I'm all about tradition and so I wanted to try them. I honestly was expecting them to be gross and to hate them, but we all actually really liked them. This recipe rocked and will be my go to recipe each New Years Day.
{Do you like my new dutch oven that I got for Christmas?!?}

I had Monday off work {yay!}. Instead of staying home and putting up my Christmas decorations {yes, I said I cleaned up Christmas, but just all the stuff it brought, not the decorations} the Little Lady and I went shopping with my Mom.

If you're ever in Colorado Springs, you have to go to Fargo's, my family's favorite pizza place. The pizza is pretty good, but that's not why you go to Fargo's, you go to Fargo's for the atmosphere. The best part is when your pizza is ready, they don't bring it to your table or call your name, your number magically appears on the mirrors that are located throughout the restaurant.

When we were grocery shopping, the Little Lady emptied her sippy cup and was demanding more. So I let her try pink milk for the first time. {Yes, please don't think I'm a thief, we paid for it.}

I have a 5AM appointment with this lady every morning. My bestie and I are holding each other accountable to 30 minutes of exercise five days a week.

And finally, this little striped straw has one purpose in help me drink more water. {I hate water.}

Have a great week! I don't know if I'll be able to survive next week, the first full five day work week in what seems like forever.

life rearranged


Casa De Luna said...

I want to go to your pizza place! It looks like you had a nice week. I should find a friend to help hold me accountable to my resolutions.

Stefane Phipps said...

Seriously, we were separated at birth...

Emily Golding said...

Ah LOL Stef, I love it...and I miss your face!