Sunday, January 22, 2012

Girl's Day

Girl's Day for my bestie and I used to mean lots of shopping and maybe a massage or mani/pedi. It now means a third girl and lots of bubbles, color crayons and little people.

Yesterday, me and Aunt Katie took the Little Lady to the Children's Museum in Denver. To say that the Little Lady had fun would be a major understatement.!!! And if she loved it, me and Katie loved it. Right? Right.

The Little Lady LOVES Aunt Katie and this next picture is so stinkin' cute!

We started with some dress-up and tap dancing...

The Bubble Room was the Little Lady's favorite, especially the "Big Bubble Maker." The Little Lady would make her way to the front of the group and every single time a bubble came out she'd let out a huge squeal!

Here's me and the Little Lady INSIDE of a big bubble...pretty cool!

Check out the Little Lady's wet tutu...someone might have slipped in the bubbles and landed in them. Didn't slow her down one bit.

We spent A LOT of time in the Bubble Room!

There was shopping.

Imagine a room full of toddlers and shopping carts...

And giant tree climbing.

And trains.

And a fire station.

And lots and lots of more fun stuff!

We had a great Girl's Day and will for sure be back!
{Even if Aunt Katie and I sure could have gone for a massage after that!}


Barb said...

Looks like a fun day for everyone. And your little girl's clothes are SO cute. She is adorable.

And you get up at 5 am to work out! Good for you - I get up early to work out also...except when I don't, and it makes you feel good the rest of the day. :)

Michele said...

What a cool museum! My boys love the pretend play at any and all children's museums. Funny how "girl's day out" is re-defined once you have kiddos, but in a good way.

Anne Duncan said...

ah, so fun! wish you would have picked a cuter outfit for her to wear though...oh wait..couldn't get any cuter!

Melodee said...

awe so cute! love the museum and the little mini shopping cart!

Mary Jo said...

What a little doll~face! I've got one that's turning two in March. Our girls would probably Wear~each~other~out!!! So, it's nice to 'meet' you. I came over from imperfectly wonderful world. Come visit me when you have a minute. :)