Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cold, Cattle and Cotton Candy

Today we went to the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo in Denver. Our niece and nephew were both showing steers in the Catch-a-Calf show. Yes, this means that last year during the Stock Show, they were both successful in catching a calf {running down, wrestling, haltering, pulling across the finish line} during the contest.

I've been going to the Stock Show each year for literally my whole life and the Stock Show always means one thing...COLD! It was 18 degrees out when we arrived this morning {the sun did eventually come out and it turned out to be a pretty nice day}.

Cousin Sydney is one of the Little Lady's favorite people.

John Wayne and I both grew up showing cattle. I imagine that in not too many more years, we'll be right back in there with someone else on the end of the lead rope.

I have to tell you, the Little Lady must have found the show {plus all off the other action going on around us} to be very entertaining. She was really chill {especially for her} during the entire three hours we were watching the show.

Yes, this is what my child wears to the Stock Show. In the midst of lots of Wranglers and boots, the Little Lady has on her Broncos jersey {which by the way, GO BRONCOS!!!}, a tutu and silver sparkly Uggs : )

I'm happy to report that the Little Lady is going through a stage where she loves hair bows, tutus and fancy shoes.
She cries when we take them off.
My heart is bursting : )

This is the only picture I got of Gary {and it's with my cell phone, my Nikon and the lighting in the show ring did not agree???}. He's the one in the front. He ended up getting second place in his class. Both Gary and Sydney did very well with their projects. Their aunt, uncle and little cuz are very proud of them!

Completely random, not good picture, but on the way back to the Suburban, we visited with the bucking stock. There was no rodeo today, they start later in the Stock Show run.

The Stock Show is always a good time. We always run into numerous friends, more good shopping, good food...oh about that cotton candy...we didn't get any this year.!. That's one of my best childhood memories, watching the rodeo, eating cotton candy that my Grandma bought me. Stock Show fail...we better take Grandma and Grandpa next year!


Brenda Hammer said...

Isn't that the reason you take Grandma and Grandpa with you? To buy cotton candy and other goodies! We'll make sure and go next year, Tressie!

Michele said...

Loved this post! When I was younger I showed a steer and I was also in the calf scramble (same at catch a calf) at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. I didn't not catch a calf, though ;) Cute photos of the little lady!