Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Goals

Okay, here I go again. Last year I developed a pretty big list of goals; really I could almost just cross 2011 off the top, write 2012 on it, and call it good for this year too.

I feel like for the first probably four months of last year, I was really into it, each month updating my progress {or sometimes lack of} on my blog, I was really focused in on my goals. Then by about June, I was done. That’s why I like a new year, a chance to get a fresh start.

So here’s this year’s list {or last year’s list modified, whatever}.

This one is now not only affecting me, but John Wayne too. We have a new computer sitting in our office next to our current beast, but it’s just sitting there {and has been for months…literally} because I cannot make, find, whatever…time to get all of my pictures off of that computer’s hard drive. I need like a week off work with no distractions to get this done. Okay, we know that’s not going to happen, so I better just put in a few late nights. I am confident that once I get my current mess fixed, I will stay with a new system…I never want to venture into this deep dark mess of JPGs again.

2. Stick to my budget.
This is so HUGE HUGE HUGE this year. If we want to even think about starting to build next summer {as in 2013}, this is a necessity. Enough said.

John Wayne has helped me out here. He opened a savings account that I don’t really have access to. The savings account linked to my checking account, that I could make transfers from with only the click of a button…yeh, that wasn’t working out for me so well.

3. Exercise.
I was an athlete in high school, then something happened and laziness overtook my body. I still played in a volleyball league and golfed {does that count?!?}, but I didn't really exercise. Last year I did manage to improve my exercise habits quite a bit, but around October, exercise became a distant friend again. This year, my bestie and I are holding each other accountable for 30 minutes of exercise five times a week. Honestly, one morning this week, when I was doing my lunges at 5:07AM, I took comfort in the fact that 100 miles away she was doing the same thing. I don’t want to suffer alone!

4. To really think about everything that I put into my body.
I’ve told you my struggles with dieting before…
I am not good at it.
{Yes, obviously if it was easy, the whole world would be skinny.}

I’ve kinda accepted that I’m not a skinny girl, no I don’t want to be fat, but the few extra pounds I’m packing, I can probably handle them, IF I feel good about myself. And guess what makes me feel good {like really, physically better} more fruits and veggies, less processed foods and more water…and no Diet Coke.

I’ve told you my struggles with Diet Coke before…
Water, really not so much.
But if I’m honestly talking about really thinking about everything that I put into my body, I don’t think that Diet Coke {every single place of water} falls on the good list.
{P.S. If coffee ever falls on the bad list, I will just be bad.}

So yeh, I just want to make this conscious effort to think about things. I’m not going to lie to you {or myself}, sometimes I’ll think about it, it’ll be on the bad list and I’ll eat/drink it anyways, but, well you get the idea.

There’s my list. I could go on, add several more, but I’m going to stop at that.

Do you have goals for the new year?

Resolutions are good. Results are better.


Michele said...

I love your list! I feel the same way about my resolutions from last year. Finally in December I conquered the digital clutter on my computer. I have an OCD way of backing up and saving my photos--first they are uploaded to the computer, then to shutterfly, next to the hard drive and then finally I erase the SD card. I usually get about 6 months behind. Also, #2 is huge for us, too. We are seriously starting to save for our forever home. Are you on Pinterest? I have a forever home board :)

Anne Duncan said...

...ah! i knew this was coming! working on my list.... is february too late?? :)