Friday, January 27, 2012

Life in Phone Pictures

Happy InstaFriday! How's your week been? Great here in the trailerhood.

Friday, I got a promotion at work...Assistant Vice President - Marketing.


I celebrated with some red velvet cake ice cream {yum!} and my sweet Mom and Dad gave me flowers.

Saturday, the Little Lady, my bestie and I had a girl's day. We took the Little Lady to the Children's Museum in Denver. I knew that she'd have fun, but she had BIG fun! Her favorite part was the bubble room.

After the museum we had lunch at The White Chocolate Grill. Have you ever been? It was my first time and I thought it was really tasty.

I've spent most of my week out of town at a trade show. Monday evening after my friend/co-worker and I got the booth set up, we treated ourselves to pedicures!

And then a little Target shopping!

New play clothes for the Little Lady and new exercise clothes and Jillian DVD for me.

And then most of the rest of my week has been spent with this, at the Colorado Farm Show.

Happy weekend from the trailerhood, friends!

{Please excuse this week's photo quality...the lighting in the hotel room was so bad, so my shopping goods pics turned out really bad and so I decided to edit them all on Picnic and went with the 60's effect and um yeh, obviously a bad choice. Oh well, no time to fix them. About you use it? Do you know it's shutting down in April? I am bummed! If you have any suggestions for a good alternative, please let me know.}

life rearranged


Angela King said...

i did see the christmas balls. they are good but just not quite the same. it must be the egg shape or maybe the pastel colors. i love your pedicure pic. i've never had one. i'm scared that if i do, i'll want them forever and ever.

Ellie A. said...

Congrats to you on your promotion & oh a pedi its been so LONG I said that for Valentine's day that will be my gift to myself I am dreaming of it.. I do it at home but its nothing compared to having it done PERFECT no smudges & a massage.. HHHEEAAVEN :)

Tanya said...

Congratulations on your promotion! That is impressive! And love the pedicure too. Makes me want one. I think it will be one of the first things I do when I go home to the US next summer. (They don't do them te same here in the UK and they are super expensive.)

I use Picasa for photo edits. It is a free google product that I've used for years. You can use it to adjust color, crop, etc. And they just added more "funky" finishes like 1960's etc. Check it out sometime!

Holly said...

I love the flowers, and the museum looks like awesome fun! :)

Ellen said...

Congrats Emily! I can't believe nobody has said anything at work. I can't think of anyone who deserves it more!