Thursday, February 23, 2012

Life in Phone Pictures

Whew!  What a week it's been around here.  Last Saturday our dogs wandered off and couldn't find their way home.  Thankfully, after 60+ VERY stressful hours, they finally returned home.  I'm just glad this week is almost over.

Last weekend, the Little Lady and her Grandpa took a few minutes to hang out and watch the goats play.  The baby goats are really cute and fun to watch run and jump around!

Sunday afternoon, we went to my uncle's 50th birthday party.  I made him this "50 sucks" sucker bouquet and the Little Lady painted him this beautiful card.

Here's the Little Lady all decked out in her birthday party outfit, waiting to get her 2-year-old pictures taken.  Well, enjoy this picture, because it's as good as it gets.  When it was her turn, she had a COMPLETE meltdown.   

Meltdowns are hard work.  Here she is on the way home.  I tried to take her headband off because I thought it would be more comfortable for her.  She insisted on keeping it on AND having it pulled down over her eyes.  Whatever.

Monday, John Wayne and I both had the day off work for President's Day.  We just moped stayed around the house, hoping the long lost dogs would come home.  We did have some hot cocoa.  The Little Lady thought that it was pretty darn tasty!

Tuesday, the long lost puppies finally returned home!

Another big thank you to all of you who said a prayer for our pooches {and us}!

I had to go to Denver this week for several meetings.  One of my meetings was at the State Capitol.  Let's just say it made me appreciate the fact that I live in Wild Horse and work in Limon even more.

So yeh, no tragic events {and our one tragic-to-us event had a happy ending}, but I will still say that I'm not sad to see this week come to an end.

Happy weekend from the Trailerhood!

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Life, Crafts and Whatever said...

The picture with the goats is adorable. I don't know how you didn't bring one (or four) of them home. I wouldn't have been able to resist!

JoKnows said...

Love the sucker bouquet. So glad you got your dogs back. I was just saying on my Insta-Friday today that my dog took off on my son and I this morning. We got her back, but that chase is stressful!

Melodee said...

your little one is sooo cute all decked out for her pics! that sucker present is so cute and funny, too:)

Michele said...

You have had a crazy week! The baby goats are cute. I want goats when we move to the country to eat all of the poison ivy. Meltdowns are tough. I think it gets easier the older they get. Have a great weekend! said...

The name of your blog totally drew me in while I was linking up for Instagram. Love your pics. I can just feel your exasperation around that failed photo-shoot: been there! I'm with you; some Fridays cannot get here fast enough. Glad your pups are home! Nice to meet you.