Thursday, April 19, 2012

Is it time?

Is it time to bust out the maternity clothes???
I’m still fitting into my dress pants for work just fine, but all of my jeans {even with the rubber band trick} are becoming a bit uncomfortable.
I don’t know why, but I’m not a huge fan of the belly band, even though that’s probably what I’d be best served by right now, instead of maternity jeans that probably won’t stay up real well yet.

Regardless, the other night I asked John Wayne to get my box of maternity clothes out of storage.
What does he bring me…a box of my skinny jeans that I never did quite get back into after the Little Lady…???
He tells me, “Take a look, I’m not 100% sure, but I think I got the right box.”
Really, don’t you think the fact that all of these jeans were lacking a foot long elastic band across the top, might have been a dead giveaway?

Try number two produced the correct box and along with the stretchy jeans, several conclusions:
1)  I have some shopping to do. The Little Lady was born in March, I have a box full of maternity sweaters. I don’t think those will be very useful in the summer’s sweltering heat.
2)  Maternity clothes = a bitty baby bump. I guess when you’re sucking it all in to get your regular clothes buttoned, you don’t really see it, but give it some room to breathe and there you have it, a bitty baby bump. How does little to no weight gained, but 14 weeks pregnant, equal such drastic changes?!
3)  I don’t remember for sure, my pregnancy with the Little Lady is not documented all it. If it was, it’d look something like this:
Week 5: Throwing up, all the time.
Week 14: Throwing up, all the time.
Week 27: Throwing up, all the time.
Week 38: Throwing up, almost all the time.
Anyways, I think I actually started wearing some maternity pants at 14 weeks. With the Little Lady I felt like I got a pretty decent bump pretty quickly, but then I didn’t get that big at all with her. In my last few weeks of pregnancy, people were constantly telling me, “You don’t look big enough to have a baby.” I have a huge fear that this time is going to be the complete opposite and I’m going to be a ginormous cow.

OK, so #3, wasn’t so much a conclusion, as a tangent.
Anyways, so now you’re probably expecting a baby bump picture, right? Sorry, that’s not how I roll, you’re just going to have to catch me in “normal life” pictures.

But since a post is just no fun without a picture, how about this adorable one of the Little Lady with some of her best friends.

Complete cuteness, right?!?

OK, well I’m off to visit Gap and Old Navy online to do some shopping. We have a pretty busy weekend planned, so maybe I’ll actually get back into my pre-puking blogging groove.  Have a great weekend friends!

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Kelly said...

A new record- two comments in one day hahaha I have already busted out the maternity pants at 12 weeks. They are SO much more comfortable!!!