Monday, April 23, 2012

Yee Haw

This weekend we went to a horse sale in Brighton {several hours away from the ranch}.

John Wayne, the Little Lady and I headed up the night before the sale, we didn't want to make a long day even longer by having to leave home before dawn on Saturday morning. I'm a hotel snob, but didn't want to spend a ton on a room this trip and besides, where we were, there were no Ritzs to be found. We stayed at Baymont Inn and Suites, which I was pretty happy with.

Parking when you have a pick-up and horse trailer always proves to be a challenge.  So we parked in the boonies and walked.  I'm sure everyone was wondering where the hillbillies were...yep, our horse trailer, it's a classy one : )

The room was definitely clean and I thought actually pretty nice for the price.  And in case you're wondering, no, the Little Lady did not sleep in that crib.  John Wayne and I deemed it 'not Tressie proof', it was for sure more for an infant.  So she slept in between us, but with the nice big bed, we managed just fine.

The Little Lady and John Wayne checked out the pool and had a big time.  We don't have many swimming pools in our neck of the woods, so pool time is always a treat for the Little Lady!

Saturday morning, we headed to the Adams County Fairgrounds for the sale.  There were A LOT of horses, everything from really little ponies {what we were in the market for} to the biggest draft horses that I've ever seen in my life.

Many of the horses were raised and trained by Amish families.  It was something to watch all of the little kids ride and drive their ponies around.  John Wayne enjoyed visiting with them and asking questions about their horses in search of the perfect pony for the Little Lady. Seeing these families and visiting with them really sparked my interest to learn more about the Amish lifestyle, I'm in the search for an good book.

I love this next pic, too bad it's a little blurry.

It was a long, long day, but at 5 o'clock, we finally left, the Little Lady the proud new owner of this cute little guy!

I love the pic below..."Daddy, I got this, this is MY pony!"


But, the day wasn't over, we headed south to my bestie's 30th birthday party.

The Little Lady got to see the Maranville girl's again - two weekends in a row - she was in heaven!

We had a great time celebrating Kate's 30th!  {Do you think the Little Lady might like her Aunt Katie, just a little bit?!?}


After the big day we had the day before, we slept in a little bit on Sunday morning, but then it was time to ride that pony!

We have a little saddle for the Little Lady, but growing up I never had a little pony, I always just rode a big horse, so we need to shop for a smaller cinch and tack for the pony.  So we threw the Little Lady on bareback and she did great.  I was actually pretty impressed with her balance and skill, it seemed pretty natural to her : )

Well, more on the pony {like his name!} soon!

Have a great week, friends : )

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Kelly said...

Oh my gosh! Had to break my silence and say...That is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I stopped riding about three years ago but I hope Carter will take lessons when he is old enough :)