Monday, October 29, 2012

Football and Pumpkins

Last night we watched the Broncos on Sunday Night Football and carved pumpkins.
The Little Lady picked out two pumpkins at Whole Foods when we were in the big city last week.

The kids wore their Broncos gear to church.
The Little Lady...with a little attitude.
The Little Buckaroo...cute as can be.
When we got home from church, I put on my comfy Broncos gear and cuddled with my cuties.
Grandpa and Grandma came up to watch the game, so the Little Lady and I made some treats.
T said we were having a party.
Here she is decorating our Halloween brownies.
I poured some sprinkles in a little bowl and gave them to her and before I could tell her to use her fingers to sprinkle them on, she had dumped the whole bowl on the center of the brownies.
She loved her pumpkins until we cut into them.
Then they were "yucky" and she wanted absolutely nothing to do with them.
I could only get GW to take a picture with me close to the "yucky" pumpkins.
After John Wayne and I had finished the pumpkins, we finally got her to sit next to them for a picture.
 John Wayne's pumpkin is the artistic cute little kitty in the pumpkin {that's the pattern the Little Lady picked out for him to do}.
Mine is the "traditional" jack-o'lantern : )
We had a fun "party" carving pumpkins and watching the Broncos {along with Game 4 of the World Series}.
Happy pumpkin carving to you!