Sunday, October 14, 2012

Welcome to the World

Gunner William Golding
Wednesday, October 10, 2012
6:26 AM
8 pounds even
20 1/2 inches


We are all doing well.
Gunner is currently battling jaundice, so we've been busy running between home, Colorado Springs and Hugo for doctor's appointments and lab work.  We have a doctor's appointment in Springs tomorrow, but then are hoping that we can spend our first full day at home on Tuesday.

Many more posts detailing Gunner's arrival and first few days soon.

But because I know that you're dying to know...
his big sister likes him...a lot!


Trisha Golding said...

Congratulations again!! We are so happy for you! He is Adorable!! Love those cheeks! That picture with Big Sister is so sweet! Love her look of admiration. Hope he gets to feeling better soon. We had to do the light bed and light wand for Adalyn. Wishing you all the best! Hugs

Penny Pfeiff said...

What a sweetie...hope you get to have some time at home! So glad to know Miss Tressie approves...that makes it MUCH smoother!



mer@lifeat7000feet said...

SO happy for you! Congratulations. So sorry you've been having to make that drive so frequently. I know you're ready for a "normal" day at home and I hope Tuesday is your day! :)

Krulls in Haiti said...

Awe congratulations! He's adorable! What a sweet picture of your TWO babes! Hope you're recovering well!

Nicole said...

Congratulations! So glad you are all together. Praying for your sweet baby boy!

txstrain said...

What an awesome looking family and a little more complete now. Hope he is better soon...I know the feeling of one doctor to another. Hang in there but both kiddos are simply adorable!

Rachel said...

Congratulations, he is adorable!!
Glad that big sis approves of his wonderful arrive! Those girls always seem to love babies!
My niece had her a baby brother not too long ago, and she claims he is her's, and for a while no one could hold him without her sitting right beside you.
Little mamas in the making! :)

Glad all is well with everyone!!

Jennifer said...

Congrats! He's sooo cute!!!
The picture of he and big sister is precious!

Melodee said...

oh my gosh he's so darling! love all that hair, what a cutie!! hope the jaundice goes away soon so you can stay home and relax with your little family:)

Kelly said...

I know you guys are back in the hospital :( but I finally got on my computer to say congrats!!! I am so sorry they wouldn't let you treat the jaundice at home and hope baby G gets to leave very soon. He is absolutely precious and I hope everything else is going well!!!

Kelsey Pope said...

Congratulations! And that big sister looks so lovingly on her brother. What a sweet moment!