Monday, October 1, 2012

Phone Photo Fun

Good Monday morning friends!  Here's a look at our past week via Instagram pics.

My due date is October 20th.

At my appointment last Tuesday, my doctor told me he thought I'd probably deliver around week 38 or 39.  So...that's sneaking up on any day now!

After my appointment, John Wayne and I went to the hospital to preregister.
When you live 100 miles from the hospital, you want to be as fully prepared as you can be.

My Mom's birthday was last week.
We had a fun party with lots of family for her at Fargos.

Love this...John Wayne's response to my "BIG Freaking News..." {George Strait announces his farewell tour} email...

I haven't been sleeping all.
Nothing like cream puffs and a little I Love Lucy to get you through the night.

We had a really nice laid back weekend at home.

The Little Lady went for a ride on Poncho.

We gathered up corn stalks out of Grandma's garden to use as decorations.
I see a little scarecrow peaking through.

And with John Wayne's help, I got my fall decorations up.

Have a great week!


Brenda Hammer said...

Grandma loves the little scarecrow in her garden!

BlessedMama said...

Awww so soon Mama! Praying for a fast/safe delivery.
I love his response! Haha. I am so sad about this being his last tour. I really want to go see him...
Cute Scarecrow :)
Have a great Monday!!!

Lori Hollis said...

I can't believe you are soo close to your due date! I loved "baby week".

Jennifer said...

I heard tha about George! So sad.. I'd give anything to get to go see him.

Not long now!!!! :)

Melodee said...

oh my goodness coming so soon now! how exciting can't wait to see your new little girlie!!

Nicole said...

Adorable pics. Looks like a fun week. I swear I check here multiple times a week to see if you had your baby. Looks like the date is just around the corner. *fingers crossed*