Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Flashback

2010 - Little Ladybug

2011 - Pirate Princess 

And it's your lucky day, look what I found when I was going through pictures...
2006 - Bobby Knight and Referee

Stay tuned for pictures of a couple of little wild indians.
Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Football and Pumpkins

Last night we watched the Broncos on Sunday Night Football and carved pumpkins.
The Little Lady picked out two pumpkins at Whole Foods when we were in the big city last week.

The kids wore their Broncos gear to church.
The Little Lady...with a little attitude.
The Little Buckaroo...cute as can be.
When we got home from church, I put on my comfy Broncos gear and cuddled with my cuties.
Grandpa and Grandma came up to watch the game, so the Little Lady and I made some treats.
T said we were having a party.
Here she is decorating our Halloween brownies.
I poured some sprinkles in a little bowl and gave them to her and before I could tell her to use her fingers to sprinkle them on, she had dumped the whole bowl on the center of the brownies.
She loved her pumpkins until we cut into them.
Then they were "yucky" and she wanted absolutely nothing to do with them.
I could only get GW to take a picture with me close to the "yucky" pumpkins.
After John Wayne and I had finished the pumpkins, we finally got her to sit next to them for a picture.
 John Wayne's pumpkin is the artistic cute little kitty in the pumpkin {that's the pattern the Little Lady picked out for him to do}.
Mine is the "traditional" jack-o'lantern : )
We had a fun "party" carving pumpkins and watching the Broncos {along with Game 4 of the World Series}.
Happy pumpkin carving to you!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Life in Phone Pictures

A look at our week via phone pictures...

The Little Lady bossing playing with Lucy and Lacy.

Love how it looks like he's pondering something in the first picture.

We went on our first shopping trip with two kids {two strollers} this week.

Our version of the pumpkin patch this year...Whole Foods.

Sweet sleeping baby after his bath.

The Little Lady's FAVORITE thing to do lately: ride through the calves with Papa.

She's so cute, the last time I told her she could go ride with Grandpa, she ran over to Gunner, so excited and started telling him all about how she was going with Papa on the horse to see the cows.

I love listening to her talk to the Little Buckaroo.  Occassionaly she baby talks to him, but for the most part {and especially when she doesn't think we're paying attention} she talks to him like an equal, like they're having their own little conversation.

So far {did I just jinx myself?!?!} the Little Buckaroo is a really good/easy baby.

Have you tried this pumpkin spice cream cheese?

Naptime has become a huge battle lately.
So thankful to peek in her room and finally see this.

I've been trying to keep caught up on work from home.

This has become a common sight: her little Leaptop, usually an alright toy, is now her favorite.

Have a great weekend friends!

life rearranged

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Whenever the Little Buckaroo cries, this is how his big sister tries to calm him.

**You must have your volume turned on to experience this video**

We have no idea where she came up with this.

Thankfully he doesn't cry very often!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Cut from the same mold...

Pretty obvious these two are brother and sister! 

Tressie Laine and Gunner William headed home from the hospital.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Gunner's First Week

Here's a look at Gunner's first week via phone pics.
I had a doctor's appointment Tuesday, October 9th.  Dr. Lalonde stripped my membranes and John Wayne and I had previously talked about killing some time in the city by going to dinner and a movie to see if anything happened, but after my appointment I told John Wayne that I just wanted to head home, nothing was going to happen that night.
I felt pretty rough when we got home, but figured it was just from Dr. Lalonde stripping my membranes.  I fell asleep for an hour or so on the couch, but then started to question if these were contractions that I was having and not just feeling rough from the membrane stripping.  I began to pay closer attention to things and at 12:45AM, we headed back to the hospital. 
When we arrived at the hospital {a little more than an hour and fifteen minutes later, at trip that usually takes almost two hours}, my contractions were around two minutes apart and getting very strong.  They admitted me, got me my epidural and Dr. Lalonde broke my water.  {I am so glad that Dr. Lalonde was on call and there for Gunner's delivery.}  I then had an hour and a half or so of "down time" where we tried to get a little rest and then after less than a half hour or so of pushing, Gunner arrived at 6:26 Wednesday morning.  I had another pleasantly easy labor!
The little man gave us a huge scare when he decided not to breathe right away.  They called "code" and within 30 seconds our room was filled with a NICU team of eight doctors and nurses.  They quickly got him going, even though it felt like a lifetime.  The doctors reassured us that babies "just sometimes do that" and that he was totally fine.
John Wayne went to the nursery with the little man while the nurses got me ready to move to our room. 
That day we got to introduce Gunner to quite a few of our friends and family that stopped by.  Our first day was great {with the exception of the valet parking attendant giving our Suburban a nice big scratch down the side}!

Thursday, we were anxious to get out of that place and take Gunner home to Wild Horse, America. 

Friday, we had to go back to the big city for Gunner's first pediatrician appointment.  It went well, except that his bilirubin count was increasing.  We had dealt with jaundice with the Little Lady and I had a good feeling that we'd get to deal with it again.
Saturday, we spent most of the day hanging out at Grandpa and Grandma's house. 
The Rams played and so Gunner got to sport his CSU jersey for the first time.
His big sis made sure that he got plenty of love and kisses!

We had to make a trip to the hospital in Hugo on both Saturday and Sunday morning to have a bilirubin count done. Saturday, late afternoon, it was decided that we needed to started Gunner on phototherapy treatment.  You can see the glow of the bili-blanket behind him in the picture below.
Monday, we headed back to the big city for another appointment at the pediatrician.  Little man's count had increased even more.
Due to our distance from doctors and the hospital, they would not let us get a bili-bed and do the treatment at home.  Late Monday afternoon, Gunner was readmitted to the hospital for phototherapy treatment.  At first we were crushed, but with the high powered treatment available at the hospital, Gunner's count was way down by the next morning and we were able to head home by noon.
After such a crazy first week of being on the road every.single.day either to Colorado Springs {100 miles one way} for a doctor's appointment or Hugo {40 miles one way} for a blood draw, we were thrilled to finally get to spend our first full day at home on Wednesday.
Here's the little man all bundled up after his bath...just relaxing at home with the family...such a great feeling!
Welcome home Little Buckaroo!

life rearranged

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Welcome to the World

Gunner William Golding
Wednesday, October 10, 2012
6:26 AM
8 pounds even
20 1/2 inches


We are all doing well.
Gunner is currently battling jaundice, so we've been busy running between home, Colorado Springs and Hugo for doctor's appointments and lab work.  We have a doctor's appointment in Springs tomorrow, but then are hoping that we can spend our first full day at home on Tuesday.

Many more posts detailing Gunner's arrival and first few days soon.

But because I know that you're dying to know...
his big sister likes him...a lot!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Phone Photo Fun

Good Monday morning friends!  Here's a look at our past week via Instagram pics.

My due date is October 20th.

At my appointment last Tuesday, my doctor told me he thought I'd probably deliver around week 38 or 39.  So...that's sneaking up on any day now!

After my appointment, John Wayne and I went to the hospital to preregister.
When you live 100 miles from the hospital, you want to be as fully prepared as you can be.

My Mom's birthday was last week.
We had a fun party with lots of family for her at Fargos.

Love this...John Wayne's response to my "BIG Freaking News..." {George Strait announces his farewell tour} email...

I haven't been sleeping well...at all.
Nothing like cream puffs and a little I Love Lucy to get you through the night.

We had a really nice laid back weekend at home.

The Little Lady went for a ride on Poncho.

We gathered up corn stalks out of Grandma's garden to use as decorations.
I see a little scarecrow peaking through.

And with John Wayne's help, I got my fall decorations up.

Have a great week!