Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A fun filled holiday weekend!

We had a great weekend filled with festive activities!
Friday night was my company Christmas party.
Myself and a co-worker are responsible for planning it, so it's always a relief when it goes off without a hitch and everyone has fun.

Gaga and Papa kept the littles for us Friday night while we were at my party.  Then Saturday morning, they had to come to the city, so we met up with them and got the kiddos.
Then it was time for holiday haircuts.
Poor T wants long hair SO bad, she really didn't want a haircut, so I had to convince her that a trim would do her good.
Someday it'll grow.  I was the exact same way and now I have a head full of hair!
GW was actually REALLY good this haircut!

From there we went to the mall to work on some Christmas shopping.
This of course really thrilled John Wayne.
But I mean, he did get to ride the train with the kids!!

GW was so cute at lunch.
He turned around in his chair and people watched while he ate.
Little cowboy doesn't get to the big city all that often!

Then after some more Christmas shopping and dinner out at Texas Roadhouse, Daddy's treat, we went to the Electric Safari at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

The kids, and me too, had fun feeding the giraffes.
When I was a kid, you fed them cookie/cracker things...now they get leaf lettuce : )

At every animal GW: "Eat me. They going to eat me."

It was a great night...until I backed into a rock leaving the zoo.
And scuffed the Yukon bumper.
And had a fight with John Wayne.
And taught all the little kids in the parking lot a new word.

We made up over ice cream.

Sunday, we tried to catch up on some sleep and chores.
And, the Little Lady has been begging me to build a gingerbread house.
I honestly had never made one, but we bought the kit and GW was down for a nap, so I though, really, how hard can this be.
Well, half hour later, I had the glue gun out, gluing the sucker together.
But it thrilled the Little Lady all the same.

This is my favorite time of year and I love trying to cram in enjoy as many activities as we can!

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Tori said...

You seriously have to be the most fun mom ever! My littles are stuck with me and my non-creative brain. Maybe you could send me a to-do list with very detailed instructions.