Monday, December 15, 2014

VEGAS 2014!

John Wayne and I just got back from a really fun weekend in Vegas with some of our good friends.
These are our excited faces.
You know, you've seen them before.
The ones we make when we're going away for a few days...
without our kids ; )

We were there for the rodeo.
Which we didn't actually have tickets to.
No one understands that.

Vegas is just super fun during the NFR.
Don't knock it 'til you've tried it.
{Yes, having tickets to the rodeo is way better, but they are way expensive and this was a "cheap" trip.}
One word: SHOPPING.
I got to meet -in person- one of my blog/IG/FB friends.
That's always so fun!

So after a full day on Friday, we went back to the room to freshen up.
And, John Wayne fell asleep.
And, snored.

And then I finally couldn't take it anymore, so I woke him up.

Saturday there was lots of shopping.
My ring is my favorite purchase this year.

Here are our fun traveling partners.
Great times with great friends!
We had to laugh though.
Ten years ago, we would've been out on the town all hours of the night.
This year, we were sitting there discussing what our elves would be doing while we were gone : )

And then we were very excited to get home to these two!
Here they are sporting their Cowboy Christmas goodies - T got a "Famous in a Small Town" shirt and Gug got a "Say I Won't" cap.
Both pretty fitting!

Until next time, Vegas!


Angie said...

Trips without kids are the best!!! Looks like a fun time :)

Anonymous said...

So fun! My iphone was being repaired and wasn't back in time for my trip so I wasn't posting and not able to get in touch with you. I am pretty sure I saw your Hubby at Mandalay Bay though Friday evening probably around 4 or so standing outside the entrance to the shopping with some friends. I looked for you but didn't see you....
Vegas is so fun and I didn't have tickets either but it's all about the SHOPPING.
Love your pictures and ring - maybe next year we can meet up:) Plan ahead. Haha!

Anonymous said...

I've read your blog for awhile and on Saturday I saw you in the Sands walking down an aisle while I was with my friend who was working. I kept watching for you to come around the corner again but never saw you. Was trying to get the nerve to say hi. I'm a dork like that!